My American Dream

"So, I'm not standing here speaking to you as an American, or a patriot, or a flag-saluter, or a flag-waver--no, not I! I'm speaking as a victim of this American system. And I see America through the eyes of the victim. I don't see any American dream; I see an American nightmare!" Malcolm X, 1964

This is a music blog. This is a blog about life. This is a blog about love. It's social. It's political. It's cultural. It may sometimes even be spiritual. This is the exploration, formation, and declaration of my dreams and doubts. A discussion of how the American dream can be come a nightmare and vice versa.

America is broken. Let's find the faults and become their healers.
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lord grant me the strength to accept the plot lines i cannot change

courage to continue to watch the show

and wisdom to remember i am not a member of the psychotic part  of the fandom


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Assuming anyone missed me

I got a job and now I work a lot. 35-40 hours a week. Opening or closing shift on any given day. My work is physically demanding. Thus, I come home very tired and don’t feel like doing much. That includes wasting spending hours reading, reblogging, and posting on Tumblr. I will try to make a greater effort to do so (I’ve missed reading posts from some of you), but don’t expect too much.

That is all.

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Potato chip (or crisps) sales generate about $6 billion dollars in sales every year and is one of the world’s most popular snack foods.

As popular as it is today, one would think it was the brain child of some White man named “Lays” or something…. but this is not the case. 

As we’ve already discussed, African-Americans learned to preserve foods through the frying process from Native Americans. However, what led George (Speck) Crum, the son of a Native-American mother and African-American father, to invent the potato chip was not his heritage but an opportunity for revenge.

Born as George Speck in 1828…he adopted the professional name “Crum,” a name his father also used in his career as a jockey. In his early years, Crum worked as a trapper and a mountain guide in the Adirondacks before he realized his talents with food.

In the summer of 1853, Crum was working as a chef at the Moon Lake Lodge, an elegant resort in Saratoga Springs. As the story goes, Crum was cooking in the kitchen one day when a guest sent back the restaurant’s popular French-fried potatoes complaining that they were too thick. An angry Crum grabbed a new potato and sliced it spitefully thin, so thin that the guest would not be able to eat it with a fork. Fried in oil and salted, these crispy potato slices were sent out. And the guest loved them! Crum had stumbled upon what would become America’s favorite snack.

So, it was a complete accident. From then on, the chips, which Crum named “Saratoga Chips,” appeared on the Moon Lake Lodge’s menu as a house specialty.

In 1860 George Crum opened his own restaurant [“Crum’s House”] on Malta Avenue in Saratoga Lake featuring potato chips in baskets on each table. The restaurant was successful for 30 years, serving several rich and famous guests of Saratoga. Crum closed his establishment in 1890, and he died later in 1914 at the age of 86.

Of course, others would come along and realize the profitability of potato chips and the rest is [White] history…

(via The Free George, George Crum’s Memorial)

bless this man

I actually learned this story as a child. Of course, no reference was made to his race, cos public school. Bless him and his crispy crispy treats.


I distinctly remember watching a cartoon short of this story on Nickelodeon or something where the cook was portrayed as a white man, and it was never made clear that the restaurant was in the U.S….I think I’m a little upset now. (And sadly, I’m not at all surprised).

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That this place works out. It would be nice to have a (more) permanent place to live, ya know? At least I have a job now, which means we’ll be able to afford this place without having to put ourselves on a strict budget/can budget and still have some cushion left over.

I hope this feeling lasts. I like not living off of ramen, and being able to buy things for my girlfriend (I got her a birthday gift last month)! It feels good. As much as I hate capitalism, it feels good to have some financial agency within it.

It also feels good knowing that my parents can finally make their house into a home (good looking and functional) after 11 years of living there.

I hope things continue to get better (because I don’t know if I can handle more stress and disappointment).

The struggle continues….(but it doesn’t have to win).

Wish me luck! :-)

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~ Monday, December 3 ~


and feeling extra bad because I didn’t treat my girlfriend very well this morning…which also meant that I didn’t get to hangout or eat lunch with her like we planned (which in turn made it hard to eat at all).

It’s days like this when I wish I had friends in this city (or a job) to take my mind off of things…or at least be able to talk it all out with someone other than myself.


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~ Sunday, December 2 ~


The planets of the solar system imagined as human (and canine) characters

The manga Hetalia personifies nations as a group of constantly bickering characters. Artist Irene Flores has done something similar for the solar system, minus the bickering, with cheerful characters based on the eight planets, plus Pluto.

Flores has been creating these original characters for an unnamed project. Perhaps a children’s book or a comic? I love how she’s translated each celestial body into a distinct character — elegant Saturn, Jupiter and his large family of moons, fleet-footed Mercury. Pluto, as the dwarf planet, gets to be the solar system’s dog (although perhaps it’s just a play on the Disney character). She also has an additional illustration below, with the Earth and two unnamed characters, whom I suspect are Earth’s moon and the sun.

[Irene Flores via The Uniblogger]

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